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Program Structure

The Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp is built to take you from cybersecurity novice to in-demand cybersecurity professional in just 26 weeks of part-time study.

26-week bootcamp

What you learn in that time will qualify you for Security Analyst roles and will include lectures, workshops, red team/blue team training, and hands-on cyber attack simulations.

What You'll Learn

Throughout the phases above, the curriculum will expose you to several in-demand cybersecurity applications, train you for multiple major cybersecurity certifications, and focus on four core cybersecurity competencies.





Explore the in-depth curriculum breakdown below.



During the program’s first phase, you’ll study computing, networking, and security fundamentals to prepare for the next phase of the curriculum. Every cybersecurity professional possesses a foundational understanding of these core competencies, and once you’ve completed this phase, you will too.

Foundations includes four checkpoints—one at the end of each phase—to measure your progress and ensure you’re ready for the next phase of the program.

Junior Phase

Security Essentials and Red Team Phase

Throughout this phase you’ll gain a general overview and insight into the methods and tools utilized in penetration testing. Penetration testers are ethical hackers employed by organizations, governments, and individuals to identify potential security vulnerabilities in networks and systems before bad actors do. If you know a penetration tester’s strategies, tools, and methods, you’ll be better equipped to defend a prospective employer’s network against the real thing.

Senior Phase

Blue Team Phase

In the final 13 weeks of the program, you’ll learn blue team skills, which will qualify you to work as a security operations center (SOC) analyst. Blue team work is built around the five key steps of the NIST cybersecurity framework:

You’ll also participate in an actual SOC battle, or simulated cyber attack, using Cyber NYC’s state-of-the-art cyber range, and put together a proof of concept for a cybersecurity system of your own. Blue Team Phase includes two additional certification opportunities— CySA+ and Security+—and culminates in an exclusive in-house job fair for Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp students.

Career Development

Career Development

At Fullstack, we believe knowing how to get a job is just as important as knowing how to do a job. So while our instructors are hard at work building your technical skills, our Career Success team will be making sure you graduate totally ready for the job search. And even after you graduate, our career counselors will be there to keep you motivated, prepare you for interviews, and even negotiate offers. Here’s what our Career Success team will help you do:

Our team has built relationships with cybersecurity firms specifically and tech companies in general to ensure that the Fullstack brand carries weight and that we can help you make connections with the employers you want to work for. We invite many of these companies to watch the livestream of your final projects and to recruit at Hiring Day, the in-house job fair at the end of our 26-week program.

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