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Your Predictions: 2021’s Top Cyber Threats

At the close of 2020, we asked prospective students and our larger cyber community to share predictions for the greatest cybersecurity threat for 2021. Here’s what we heard.

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If the up-front cost of attending a coding bootcamp has prevented you from taking the next step in your career, Fullstack Academy’s new Income Share Agreement (ISA) will make it more accessible.

What Do Cybersecurity Analysts Do? Job Types, Training, and Salary

The job outlook for cybersecurity analysts is predicted to grow 31% over the next nine years. Learn more about types of cybersecurity analysts, jobs and salaries, and how to become a cybersecurity analyst.

What’s the Greatest Cybersecurity Threat for 2021?

Share your prediction during the #2021CyberCrimeChallenge

How a Good Cybersecurity Instructor Shapes Your Career

Why the cybersecurity instructor you learn from shapes your career—for good or for bad.