Cyber OnRamp

Free Course: Linux Command Line for Beginners. Designed to teach you the Command Line basics for cybersecurity in an online, user-friendly format.

Learn the Cybersecurity Fundamentals – Linux Command Line

We’re dedicated to making the world a safer place through cybersecurity, so we’re making the first 25 hours of the Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp curriculum available to everyone—free.

Cybersecurity is a massively growing industry, and the fluent use of the Command Line is one of the most important skills in a cybersecurity professional’s arsenal. The Cyber OnRamp course is designed to teach beginners the basics of this important skill in a user-friendly, online format.

In this course, you’ll learn from one of Fullstack’s top instructors, Corey Greenwald, as he guides you through learning the basics of the command line through short, digestible video lectures. Then you’ll use Fullstack’s CyberLab platform to hone your new technical skills while working through a Capture the Flag game, a special kind of cybersecurity game designed to challenge participants to solve computer security problems by solving puzzles. Finally, through a list of carefully curated resources, we’ll introduce you to some important cybersecurity topics so that you can understand some of the common language, concepts and tools used in the industry.

Demand for cybersecurity experts is growing twelve-times faster than the current U.S. job market, with a projected 3.5M open jobs by 2021. By the end of this course, you'll have the knowledge and experience to decide if this high-demand field is right for you.

The Cyber OnRamp course is a cybersecurity training initiative offered through the Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp, the official cybersecurity bootcamp of New York City in partnership with Fullstack Academy.