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Why Become a Hiring Partner?


Get introductions to our upcoming cyber graduates, and tell them why your company is so awesome. There are no fees associated with hiring our grads.


Ensure we’re teaching new trainees the cybersecurity skills your company is hiring for.


Connect with movers and shakers in the NYC cyber industry.

Expertly Trained Candidates

A first-class cybersecurity team starts with great people.

More than a Job

Our students love working in infosec and being part of the cybersecurity community. You won’t find more passionate practitioners anywhere in the world.

Team Players

Fullstackers have spent hundreds of hours working individually and in groups to learn modern cybersecurity tools and best practices. They know how to hit the ground running in a new environment and bring productivity and efficiency to any team.

Problem Solvers

Our graduates have worked on both red and blue teams. They know how to think analytically and perform in challenging situations.

Creativity is Key

Graduates from the Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp are well-rounded infosec practitioners. Just take a look at their talks and proofs of concept to see how much creativity they bring to the job.

These Companies Hire Fullstack Graduates

How It Works

Just before students graduate, they get on stage and give their first-ever cyber talk in front of a live audience. They do a deep dive into a topic they've learned during bootcamp, and give a demo—sort of like a talk at DEF CON.

The event is called Cyber Talks Day, and it happens every month or so. We stream each event live on YouTube, so you can watch live from the office (or catch the replay later).

Cyber Talks Day enables you to pre-select students you might want to interview at Launch Day, our exclusive hiring fair that happens three days later.

On Launch Day, you'll join us on campus at the NYC Cyber Center and do a speed round of interviews with the soon-to-be-grads you liked the most.

This unique recruiting process gives you a more in-depth look at cybersecurity talent than just a resume ever could, plus first dibs on our highly trained graduates, so you can hire them with confidence before your competitor does.

Contribute to the Curriculum

What cyber skills do you want to see in your next hire? Let us know by reviewing our curriculum and communicating your needs, so we can equip our students with the cybersecurity skills you're looking for.

The Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp curriculum is stored in a private repo on GitHub, accessible only by established hiring partners.

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All curriculum content is written in a standard format, which makes it easily portable across different learning platforms.

This architecture offers hiring partners real-time, keyword-searchable access to our curriculum, so you always know what we're teaching and can always make suggestions.

This repo is also a valuable reference tool for the cyber professionals your company already employs, as we regularly update it with information on the most current cyber threats.

We encourage hiring partners to submit pull requests with their curriculum suggestions to help us build the most state-of-the-art cybersecurity curriculum available anywhere.

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Other contributors to the curriculum include our academic partners, including leading universities like Columbia, Cornell Tech and NYU. This work is coordinated through the Cyber NYC Applied Learning Initiative.

Engage with the Community


Hiring partners are invited to attend occasional meet-ups in the Cyber Center, where we introduce new curriculum elements and ask for feedback. We also invite partners to live demos of the cyber range whenever we introduce new capabilities. Meet-ups are a great opportunity for partners to connect with one another in a relaxed setting and geek out on infosec stuff.

YouTube Channel

We invite interesting cyber professionals to join us for podcast interviews and guest lecture slots on campus. These are live streamed via our YouTube channel and shared across social media. If you’ve got a cool idea for a talk, come give it on our stage.


Become a Hiring Partner

There’s no cost or commitment associated with becoming a hiring partner. All you have to do is agree to support our mission. Then you'll get full access to the world of the Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp, and early access to our amazingly talented graduates.

* Because of high demand, membership in the Hiring Partner Network is currently by invitation only. If your company would like to join, let us know!