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In Good Times and Bad, Cybersecurity is Essential

Quickly upskill your executive team to make your organization
more resilient against cyber attacks in just 3 hours

How It Works

1) CyberIQ Assessment

Distribute a free 10-minute technical quiz to your executive team to assess their understanding of board-level security concepts and receive a graphical report showing skills that should be improved.

Senior Phase
Senior Phase

2) Customized Security Class for Executives

We develop a customized class that fills in the knowledge gaps revealed by the CyberIQ assessment. Your executive team takes the 3-hour class live in Zoom, where they learn the most common attacks in use today, those on the horizon—and how to protect your company against them.

3) Actionable Report

Two weeks after the class, we provide you with a graphical report showing what you accomplished by putting your leadership team through this training. You’ll see how much their CyberIQ has increased, so you can measure the immediate improvement on your company’s security posture.

Senior Phase
Senior Phase

Course Instructor: Mark Davis

Mark is the Managing Director of Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp and author of Hacking 101, Breaking Into Cybersecurity and the forthcoming book Board-level Cybersecurity (on which this course is based). Mark will train your executive team in the high-level security concepts they really need to know, including:

  • How to build a culture of cybersecurity within your organization
  • How to scale your cyber defenses cost-effectively
  • Which security KPI's to report to the board
  • The role of cyber insurance

Mark will also run your team through a tabletop exercise to learn how to respond to a critical security incident. By the time your executives finish this class, they’ll be more empowered to protect your organization against cyber attacks.


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