Fullstack Academy's Campus Reopening Plan: What You Need to Know

Fullstack Academy's Campus Reopening Plan: What You Need to Know

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Fullstack Academy has been operating remotely since March 4 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot has changed across the country since then, but we still believe that coding and education have the power to positively transform communities and economies—even when in-person instruction isn't possible.

We've since relaunched our fully online coding bootcamp—Live Online—with both full- and part-time options to suit your schedule and have made our prep programs—Intro to CodingBootcamp Prep, Hacking 101, and the Breaking Into Cyber Workbook—free to make coding more accessible. 

Even though much is uncertain, right now is the best time to learn new skills and prepare for the next stage of your career, so if you've ever considered software engineering or cybersecurity, we encourage you to apply for our upcoming full-time and part-time cohorts.

Our Plan to Return to In-Person Learning

Fullstack will continue to keep our community updated, but our current plan for returning to campus has been a collaboration between the City of New York and our leadership team.

Right now, we’re planning to remain fully remote until early 2021.

We hope this update reduces concerns about our return and we appreciate your patience as we await official guidance. We remain committed to a return that is measured and safe for our students and staff.

Online Learning: What to Expect

Many students find that online learning exceeds their expectations, even if they initially wanted an in-person option.

Throughout our current cohorts, we’ve been conducting regular surveys to gauge what improvements need to be made to make the online learning experience as high-quality as our in-person programs.

Watch Mark Davis, Managing Director of the Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp, explain a cyber student’s remote experience.

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