Our Purpose

Transform individuals, communities, and economies by teaching technologies that power the future.

Our Values

We Are A Little Bit Crazy About Creating Outcomes

Our students come to Fullstack expecting us to do nothing less than change their lives. It is why we exist; we take it seriously and meet that incredibly high bar - everyday. Regardless of challenge, role, or title, we prioritize delivering an exceptional experience to students. Every Fullstaffer owns the Fullstack experience

We Want To Make You Happy, But We Are Here To Make You Better

We set high standards for recruitment, admissions, assessments, curriculum, and general behavior so that we deliver the exceptional experience and outcomes that students come to Fullstack for. We believe that discomfort is where growth happens. When students or Fullstaffers fall behind, we let them know quickly and provide the necessary support. Similarly, we do not waste the resources of anyone for whom Fullstack is not the right fit. We focus on the long-term good of the people who come to us

WOW Is In Our Playbook

WOWing our students consistently sets Fullstack apart. We use process, feedback, and exceptional standards to amaze our students reliably and repeatedly.

We never rest on our laurels, always building on our WOW moments. We aren’t afraid of big ideas. At the same time, we know that small improvements add up. Remember:

1.01365 = 37.8
0.99365 = 0.03

We Figure It Out As A Team

Things will always break at Fullstack because we move fast and innovate. When something doesn’t work, we approach the issue proactively with potential solutions. We collectively own the good and the bad.

"X isn’t working. How about trying Y instead?" ✅

"X isn’t working. What are we doing about it?" ❌

We Strive to Accelerate Meaningful and Enduring Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

For tech to grow, it needs a greater diversity of voices and experiences. We continuously experiment and innovate new models in tech education to grow a more diverse and inclusive community and create positive change. Holistic solutions, not stand-alone tweaks, will make the difference in the long-run.

In our decision-making, our processes, and our day-to-day, we work to include the diverse experiences of our students and Fullstaffers to make the right choices.

We borrowed some of our wording for this value from Project Include (http://projectinclude.org/) because we believe it most accurately describes our contributions to diversity and inclusion in tech

No Assholes

We attack problems, not people. Focus on the issue, be respectful, and do your part to get to a solution. We Figure It Out As A Team

We embrace diversity - we will allow space for opinions that we do not agree with. We are not perfect, but always learning, and are respectful and compassionate towards one another

Stay Lean And Invest In What Matters

A sustainable business model gives us the best chance of helping our staff and students, so we stay lean and invest in what matters. Swanky offices, cushy offsites, and loaded snack shelves are nice, but developing Fullstaffers and students is better

We Trust Each Other To Do The Right Thing

The success of Fullstack is proportional to the trust between each of us. Our first assumption is that everyone has good intentions and thinks through any problem, applying their best judgement and integrity.

We take care of ourselves and value the trust placed in us, so that we can keep Fullstack a policy-and-process-lite environment